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Welcome To The Staff Docduke Fresh meat for the grinder

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I would like to announce that docduke has accepted his invitation to join the staff.Be sure to help him out as he learns his way around the forums.vujsa


WooHoo!! Congratulations DOCDUKE!!Whoa.. You seemed to have WON many hearts here to get invitation for the STAFF! I am excited to have you in our staff. I am sure you will be a great addition to our team. As said before, Xisto is honored by Members like you who dedicate invaluable time to share your priceless knowledge with us ^_^-Shree


Still not sure who you are but welcome aboard haha, look forward to getting to know you a bit.


Welcome ^_^


What a warm welcome indeed! Four greetings, no two from the same country. It is an honor to be included among such a distinguished company. I will do my best to live up to your expectations!In honor of this occasion, I have chosen my first-ever avatar, after 14 years on the Web. I have uploaded it. I hope it shows on this post. Vujsa has given me a very helpful introduction to the responsibilities of Staff members. If I do anything that seems out of line, please let me know right away, and be specific. I have a thick skin, and often do not fully understand the content of a "polite" message.Again, thanks very much for bringing me into your organization! ^_^


Please let me add a fifth greeting, from a new team member to anoter new member. And, yes, nice avatar, let's hope we will not have to test the thickness of your skin, all of us hee around are kind people. ;)


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