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Hello Xisto moderators.


OpaQue launched Credit System v2.0 recently and there's one more hidden feature for moderators of Xisto.


When you visit https://support.xisto.com/ page and log in, you will see a tab that says, "Moderating." This tab is to approve Feedbacker posts. These posts are made by visitors who did not register with our forum but who wished to make posts. Simply click on YES or NO to approve or disapprove. YES is checked by default but you have to click it again.


Of course, feedbacks are to follow all Xisto posting rules. As you scroll down you can view which topic these Feedbackers are making their posts. You can decide how relevant a post in regards to the topic.


Thanks every and try to help as much as you can. There's no need to approve/disapprove them all at once. :rolleyes:


I often see porn advertising, which is stupid : did'nt they understant that their post are reviewed, and are refused if there are against the rules ?


Nope,They dont understand... I have once read an ad about Tupperware at Xisto feedback :XD: The man went on and on and on about how great his products are..And to top it off, he had submitted this feedback under a topic about Halo ;) All of these people are hopeful that their advertisements will be allowed here.


Is this feature still active ? Seems that there are currently no feedbacks waiting to be approved, does that mean that this feature is disabled ? Or does simply nobody use this facility ?


Yeah, I know, I know, I should be able to figure it out ...


I got an email from a user complaining about a long post that is clearly a copy -- and identified as such! The offending post is Web Server Emulator.


So I got ready to add a post warning zigot that he should read the rules and not do that. The problem is, I can't find such a rule! I looked at the "Rules" tab near the top of the page, and I couldn't find anything: "Double posts" are forbidden, but I understand that to mean the same person posts the same thing more than once.


I also checked Announcement: Rules. It points to the same place. Incidentally, whoever put the link in there inserted it manually, because he forgot the quotes that the applet would have supplied. That post is also exceptional in that no "Edit" or "Reply" buttons are visible, so I presumably can't fix it.


I also went to zigot's profile to see how much myCENTS he had accumulated. The profile says: myCENTs: No Information should I care?


Just trying to do my duty ... :mellow: