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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish! Its time to move on..

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Hey guys sad news and good news!Sad news first, I am going to have to give my hosting here and my moderator position.Tbh I really have not had the time to put into the site like I used too.The good news, I have just got a paid hosting here at Xisto - Web Hosting and in the next week I wil transfer all my sites over to the paid hosting.Well all I can say is THANK YOU GUYS!! I really could not have got to where I am now without this hosting, these people and this place. I really learned a lot from you guys and the posts in here, and hopefully helped and tought a few things to others.I took a little idea I had to start desiging sites again and with no risk used the hosting here as my work platform, over the last year this has grown and grown and I have been able to give up my job and work for myself totally.My work as a freelancer is really taking off!! I am building about 4-5 sites a month atm and building a very good reputation on a couple of freelancer sites and I am busy all the time with sites from all over the world.Also I am bringing in work from the local market and in a position to start hiring people to freelance for me.The business model of XISTO is brilliant and I cant praise OpaQue enough for setting up this place to allow people like us to flourish with our ideas.So as Douglas Adams once wrote,"So long and thanks for all the fish..."Mark420;)


No problem, if u check ur basket, I put some cod fish fresh from Newfoundland, Canada ... lol :rolleyes:thanks for everything manxboxrulz


Mark, we'll miss you around here! But you won't be too far gone since you'll still be a part of Xisto family.I am glad that your designing work is gaining reputation. Man I wish I had some clients I can write about..4 or 5 a month? That's great! :rolleyes: It's been a pleasure being the free web hosting, no ads provider for your startup platform. Think of all of us in Xisto when you're sitting in your corner office with a magnificent view, gazing at the world. B):)


Too bad to see you go, but I do hope you drop by every now and then :rolleyes: On the other hand, I'm really glad about your success, as it is quite hard to make it it the design/coding world nowadays. Just don't forget about us when you get rich B)


Hello Mark,It is really great news that you are rising really fast in your career but please do not forget Asta and do keep posting whenever you can.I know that we will be in contact B) I will be helping you whenever you get support/sales isssues :rolleyes:Well, Best of luck and hope you keep on posting here.