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Swamped! Hopefully it will get better soon.

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At the beginning of the summer there was a dramatic change in my work schedule. It has continued to get more difficult to adjust to as the weeks have progressed. Basically, right now I am working 10 hour overnight shifts four days a week and trying to catch up on sleep my days off. My schedule varies from week to week no it is very difficult to adjust to the changes. On top of that, I have many family activities that I have been busy with which has completely kept me from visiting Xisto.Now that summer is coming to an end and my kids will return to school soon, I am hoping to return my normal online habits and resume assisting the members and other staff members as much as I can. At the very least, I really need to get my credits back up to over 100 soon. :PIt may take some time for me to get caught up with the happenings on the forums for the past several weeks so don't expect me to have answers to any new questions at this time.vujsa


Don't worry about that, we'll deal with all of it until you "recover" :P