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When I applied for hosting here, I seem to have missed the "English web site only" rule and made my site in Serbian <_< If this is an issue, I will remove it, but I would be very grateful if you took my word that the content is absolutely legal :P


Not you pyost...<_< I'm sorry, that site gotta go :PMaybe ask OpaQue about this and see if this is could be an exception?


That's why I posted it in here, isn't it <_<


I do rem reading this also in the TOS when I joined. As you know I speak English and Dutch and wanted to Dutch and English sites hosted here.I think somewhere along the way I forgot about it <_<)I can see why its mentioned in the TOS cos we cant check every site in every language.Maybe we should relax it untill we get a complaint about a site in another language? but then again it would still be a challenge to translate the site.At the moment theres so few people hosted that we should relax the whole thing...Marky;)


Hehe.. now I got you <_< You're in for it... Joking apart, I've been contemplating on this issue for a couple of days... I'd come across a similar post sometime back. I guess it's kinda ok to have a site in another language - coz we can get a decent about the content of any site these days by running it through a translation engine - even if it's a rough translation, it should be enough.


I absolutely support your attitude <_< We can always ask for a translation if things are unclear :P


I think we need to make the rules clearer. Maybe ... that you can create it in another language as long as you have an English version?xboxrulz


The English ONLY is implied since the forum that "controls" your free web hosting is English only post. However, not many are building in none English version.I am wondering if by stating, 'you may build in non-English site provide that you have translated page' would invite additional unforeseen complication. The server admin will not just terminate your hosting right away. They will make a note and suspend your site. I can then match up your cpanel and see the note to determine the next course of action.I'd also like to state this without any confirmation from OpaQue. It is important that any popular website hosted with gamma server to be in English to serve better PR for Xisto and ultimate for Xisto - Web Hosting and Xisto. As you can see, branching out to the world wide web with Xisto and Xisto name behind it means better business for Xisto - Web Hosting and Xisto at the end. So, this is another reason why we kindly suggest (not request or required) to link back to Xisto. And since google (OpaQue's one and only company to trust and to take over <_<) responds better--and sometimes only--in English...well you get the idea.Sometimes moderators and administrators are exempt from strict approach on hosting AUP. But we don't like to advertise that.


Let's just exempt pyost and not leak out this news. Just only that he needs an English version of the site.xboxrulz