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New Addition To Astahost Staff :-) Velma appointed as Moderator

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Hello,Velma has been appointed as a moderator at Xisto. She is a support tech for Xisto - Support.com and has good knowledge of the web hosting operations in Xisto. I believe her position at Xisto will help us solve member queries faster.I request other staff members to guide and assist her with staff operations.I am sorry for taking this decision without any discussion with other staff members. Being a tech at Xisto - Support, I hope things will be processed faster. This is just another step to improve response times :-)Sincerely,Shree


Cool stuff, I would agree it'll probably be a good thing having someone with a solid understanding of the inner workings of Xisto on the crew.As far as velma's concerned, welcome to the staff :ph34r: I hope you enjoy your time on this side of things.


Welcome aboard :) Ready for some butt-kickin' action ??? B)


Welcome, velma :) Always good to see new people here in our staff lair B)


We forgive you OpaQue, after all, you do sign our paychecks. Speaking of which, mine seem to have been getting lost in the mail :-P. Really, it's good to have you aboard Velma. If OpaQue thinks you'll be good for the job, I'm sure you'll be even better.~Viz


Hey guys,Thank you so much for accepting me so nicely here and I am sorry that I took a lot of time to thank you guys.Thanks again and I hope I will be able to help you and the forum in a productive manner. B) For I know It will be more difficult for me as this forum is for people with vast knowledge over computers and other kinds of technology. I have an interest for them but never was exposed to them a lot. So I guess thiss is my chance to learn all I can.Thanks a lot again for giving me a chance