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Move Denied Hosting Requests To Proper Board And Note Tag Not Working?

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I see an area in the hosting request section for Denied hosting. Since the Moderators can deny a members request for hosting if they see fit, should we move it over to the Denied section or leave it open for review by the Admins?Is the NOTE or NOTICE tags working properly? I tried to use them a few times and they don't seem to have that "sticky note" effect. It just says Notice from so and so and whatever we typed after that.


Opps I forgot to close and move that last hosting denied ;( I was doign a clean up before I went to bed :ph34r:Yes I knwo the note system is not working since the upgrade..my bet is that the gif for the box of the note has not been  copied over to the right folder.


Thanks Mark. Yeah, I saw a bunch of approved post that weren't moved as well, but since we don't approve any web hosting requests, I don't want to touch those :ph34r:I noticed the NOTE tag issue after the upgrade as well. Don't use it much, but comes in handy when you want to bring something to the user's attention :)


I always move the application which I deny, and sometimes even those that were approved some time ago :ph34r: Someone has to take care of the little things :)As for the note tag, I'm sure it will be sorted out soon. Nevertheless, use it as often as you can - even when it's ill-designed (or better to say with no design), it serves it purpose.