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Ok this week Ive been a bit softer on a member and not banning him after he posted 4 copied posts and I warned him once about it and gave him links to the rules and FAQs to understand why we dont accept his posts without the Quote bbcode tags.So yesterday after the pm from me and the links he posted a couple more copied posts so I gave him a final warning and explained why the posts were not acceptable - again, this morning I noticed someone moved a post by him to the spam bin, again for the same reason! Then just as I was about to go ahead and ban him he posted another copied post, so this time I told him goodbye youve broken the rules too many times blah blah blah in a pm and banned his account.Check out his reply...its soo funny"Hi Mark,For your kind and kind information I would like to tell you that I have just copied the information such as specifications and again no one can create their own news. According to me I should have a source to write the news, and in my last post the source was from their corporate website. Can;t I just derive some information from their website. I don;t think that I can create my own news. So, this is not a place for me because people here are making their own news. So, I am at wrong place and since you have told good bye, I too will say you good bye because I don;t like staying somewhere when people have told good bye. GOOD BYE. Have fun with your members who create their own news!"Ahh poor him!!


Can we please, please make some sort of intelligence test that people have to pass to sign up here? Please? Like make them define the word they have to type into the box to sign up? And only use words like AGREE and TERMS and such? Because the idiocy level of the people here is driving me nuts. I remember when OpaQue recommended I come here from Xisto, because this forum was a more intelligent, tech related forum, and trap was a more general, chat related forum. I don't know if that has changed, but this forum is really feeling a lot less intelligent than when I first joined.~Viz


lol, this is just too funny, I can't take it anymore XDXD ;)xboxrulz


Hahahahahahahah ;) rofl... khikzzz.. errm... <brushing off the dust>I'm speechless, wordless... someone hammer me on the head.. i'm getting asphyxiated..urggggh..


lmao!!! I don't know what your initial PM to him but I would like to find out how all went down.

I usually use the "used-car dealer salesman" tactic (act like I don't care and tell them to leave)--

I'm sorry that you find our forum to be complicated and strict with rules. Perhaps our forum may not satisfy your needs. I'm sure there are other forums which can meet your style. I regret that our community isn't one of them. Take care.

Basically I let them have it but with kindest words possible. 8 out of 10 times they reply with their tails between their legs and say "well the forum is alright...it's the rules and moderators who send me PM's..."