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Weird Jump In Credits

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So, I was at around -26 credits this morning, when I made many posts (all quality, I assure you) and brought my credits up to -6.41. I just refreshed the page and I am now listed as having +4.54 credits. My account appears to still be suspended, but that could be because the cron job hasn't run. I have no idea why there was this sudden jump in credits, unless somebody gave me some. I will keep an eye on the situation for the next 15 minutes to see if my credits go up for this post and my account gets unsuspended. I will edit this post with the details. But if someone could help me figure out if this is a glitch in the credit script, if it's a glitch in the display on Xisto, or if someone gave me some credits, I would appreciate it.~VizEdit: yup, they went up again. I had another thought, which is does shouting increase credit count, but I hope that isn't it.Edit: yup, and my account is unsuspended


;)I gave you a few to get you unsuspended so I could see your site.You were at -2 so I gave you 7 and then you posted this topic and got 3 more!No problem with the scripts!Can't believe you posted a topic about it!vujsa


I figured that was what had happened, but I wanted to make sure, and I didn't want it discussed in the shoutbox in case it was a big problem or in case it made people feel like mods were getting special treatment. Thanks for the boost.~Viz