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Attention Mods (and Admins) - On Plagiarism

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Hey guys,

Earlier on I'd passed on a tool called Plagiarism Finger to a lot of you. It was a real good tool for catching the spammers as it could spot copied posts with far more accuracy than a simple Google Search... However, that was a cracked copy and stopped working properly long since..


Recently I came across a very good service called CopyScape - which does the exact same job for you. It's a search engine which sports a very minimalist interface like Google. To find out copies of the same text - just paste the URL of the Asta post there and it'll give you a list of pages containing similar text. It even gives you statistics on how many consecutive common words were found in both...


Try and use this to your maximum advantage :)





Just wondering if anyone has used this successfully to catch plagiarism yet. And if you do, compare it to a simple google search for a defining string of words, so we can compare different methods. Because I just used CopyScape on this thread, and it identifies a lot of other Invision message boards because of things common to all Invision boards. So I just wonder how these different tools we have compare, since if it proves easier in the long run to use google, that would be good to know.~Viz


I will use this from now on because my trial for plag finder has run out..but to be honest I preffer jsut to use google..plag finder takes ages to sort out a search when 9 times out of 10 two clicks in google give the same result..