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Shoutbox Is this possible?

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Hey gang,Is it possible for us to access the shoutbox in a different way? i mean that we have a different URL that points directly to the shoutbox that opens in a new window with just the shoutbox?I ask cos the other day I wanted to grab some info from the box and it scrolled past to fast..We be good if someone was flooding etc to bo back to the start and delete them all out?Let me knwo if its possible..im pretty sure it should be right?Marky;)


Not as far as I know. Yet another reason the old box was better then this one :) A simple click on the title revealed all the old shouts (well a lot of them at least) but this one seems less inclined to reveal the past to us. If anyone DOES know of a way to do this I'd also very much be interested in knowing how.


There must be some way to view the previous shoutouts made by others. Perhaps only viewable on the administrator's side?I see that a few members were warned due to the language used in the shoutbox. So this would definitely be a good thing if we can view the previous shouts.