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Last Note Of 2006

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Hello Xisto moderators!I would, first of all, like to wish you all the best and the healthful New Year!OpaQue is vacationing somewhere in Thailand and so he will be out of touch for a while. But his is working on IPB 2.2.1 and probably upgrade this forum when he gets back.I will be out of touch probably until the 3rd of the year attending my local charity events. OpaQue tells me that the Process page > termination script has been fixed and that every script should be working fine. Please report any bugs if you do come across.Thank you everybody!See you all in 2007


What's this process page > termination script?xboxrulz


What's this process page > termination script?

This is one of the options in the Process page where a member can terminate one's hosting account without going through admin's action. In the past after IPB v2.1.4 upgrade, whenever a member terminated his/her hosting the forum member status did not reflect correctly--HOSTED did not turn back to MEMBERS and cPanel name remained the same without deletion.

This has been corrected so that admins do not need to change the status of a member manually.