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Moderators' Suggestions To Admins Suggestions from moderators that would enhance trap17

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But I think that applications are personal, and shouldn't even be shown to humans (except for the topic creator and moderators/admins) Dunno what OpaQue's initiative is though, maybe it's some SEO thing.



We could replace the Email address with the encrypted version as per this link: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


That doesn't stop the email addresses being read by humans. Some people have an issue with posting their email address on a publicly viewable forum. Is it possible to get a BBCode or something that would stop the email address being seen by other members, only by the staff? I've seen a BBCode before that hides part of a post until you have a certain post count or have replied to the topic, or whatever condition is met. It should be pretty easy to adapt something like that to only reveal the email address to staff.

By the way, that link is a 404 jlhaslip. Did you mean this page? http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Yes, fixed :P


Let's ask OpaQue again and see how he wants to manage the application request forum. :P


i know i am a new mod and all, but trap hold a personal place in my heart. for different reasons.i think buffalohelp and opaque(the two admins) should write something clear and simple for the moderators to follow every time they log in. something that dictates the minimum responsibilities. for expample, in another thread, we should be moving topics from the first information reports, to the appropriate categories. if everyone moved 3 topics everytime they logged in, things would be moving along much more quickly.i also want to suggest a system that we can get more members here. ideas and suggestions from mods and admins so we can impliment a system in the future so this forum can thrive more. i want to suggest a system that recognizes the good members here for their quality posts over a certain period of time. we have spam patrol and the gfx, and we need one more to represent the ones who help this forum with quality posts after a certain amount of posts(maybe 50-100).i also want to suggest that moderators don't delete topics so quickly for spam reasons because the money making threads or the freebie threads are still there for information and can get more guests here. in the video(no post count), i have seen topics get deleted where it's not in this forums best interest. let's work on a system where we can possibly modify a post so it doesn't have to be deleted for spam(in general)i already suggested recognizing people's birthday once a year in another thread. i feel this is IMPORTANT. we need to make people feel special here. whether it's recognizing a birthday or for other things.i also want to suggest that when a moderator gives a warning, they send an email to the person telling why. this is CRITICAL because i know from past experience, i received a couple warnings with no reason. i was left in the dark not knowing what i even did. this is BAD moderation in my opinion. especially when some users here are quality ones that deserve a right to know so they don't do the same thing again to get another warning.i want to also suggest that there is more communication in the staff categories so we can all work together as a group for one purpose. to make this forum the best that it can be.advertising and stuff needs to be implimented. it's not enough just to rely on the 30,000 or so guests that come in. we really need to increase this user base and make sure they come back to post.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------now personally, i think i can make a GREAT moderator but at the same times, i'm immature at times, emotional, and blunt(which can be considered rude at times). at the same time, i don't know if i can be a great moderator because of my own emotions at times so i would like to suggest that if a moderator or an admin has a problem with me, they talk to me about it. i'm a person just like everyone else and i actually love people and i love the fact that i can help this forum as a moderator(and hopefully not ruin it ;)) and i think it goes for all of us that we need to know more about eachother to WORK AS A GROUP and not so much on an individual basis and respect eachother even when sometimes we disagree with eachother. we all have our good points and our bad. we are all different and we will all moderate differently. but that doesn't mean we can't understand eachother on a more personal level to get the same goal accomplished. well, that's it for now. those are my general suggestions that i hope can get some feeback to where maybe the admins can set up a more specific policy and a system to where this forum thrives and gets better over time.