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OpaQue just made aware to me that he is in the process of re-engineering IPB v2.2 to fit with Xisto hosting scripts and other modulations.This means not only we can look forward to having the latest IPB script and mods, OpaQue will be busy for next few weeks.I know, I know, most of current mods are not even working correctly :P Please be patient until we have fully working mods and board features when IPB 2.2 is installed. In the mean time I'm guessing no other immediate "problem" that needs to be addressed? I can help out with hosting problems--gamma server resolutions. Admins and mods are doing extremely well here! Keep supporting Xisto!


Admins and mods are doing extremely well here!

Well, you are half right! The moderators are doing a fantastic job here. Now that we are fully staffed, the Admins don't have much to do.

Kind of excited about the upgrades. Seems like they come around just about the time we get all the bugs out of the previous upgrade. Too bad that it is so difficult to integrate the hosting credits with IPB. I hate upgrading my scripts. Seems like it takes forever just to find all of the add-ons for the new version. :P

Usually doesn't effect us quite as much here as it does Xisto. OpaQue usually does all of the installation and upgrades on Xisto then uses it as the roadmap for Xisto.

Well, I hope everything goes smoothly.



there are some bugs here and there but the bugs aren't as bad as Windows ME :Pxboxrulz