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Hey guys,????[/tab]New version of phpMyFAQ has been installed and Xisto FAQs are back online. Please check up on the link and report back any errors you might encounter. [tab]Also I'll need a couple of mods to act as co-editors for the FAQs. Quite often you'll find Open Questions being posted there - and whichever sounds to you as one that can be included in the FAQs should be moved to a related category and duly answered. Any volunteers ?? :PThanks,m^eNotice BBCode should be working fine too. The css and graphics got wiped from Antilost, where they were hosted. I've moved them to a different location.

Notice from m^e:
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Let me be the first one to volunteer :PPut me in for the first spot m^e :P


OK, as for the FAQs, remove the index.html file, because I don't get index.php when I type in just faqs.astahost.com - it says "Upgrade in progress". And as for the notice.. It's not working for me, I can only see the text.


Thanks for pointing that out pyost... FIXED. When FAQs got hacked - the .htaccess and index.php were modified to point to several other sites. What I found particularly funny was someone changed the URL Rewrite rules in htaccess to point all sites to a random homepage of a blind lady. Why would a blind lady hire someone to do something like that ??? :P

In case you guys want to see for yourself as to what was done - am including copied of the modified files..

Have fun :P

P.S. WeaponX added as new user for faqs administration...

Admin panel can be accessed at: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Password PM-ed to you.


And I see that the notice tag is working properly - great.