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Still new here as a Moderator...Found my first one today :P

Do we warn a member immediately if caught plagiarizing? Or should I just send him/her a PM asking them that they should quote it next time and warn/suspend them next time? This looks like it's just a first time offender from viewing the previous posts made by this user. The topic in question is located here. I added the quote tags :P


Hey WeaponX - first a warm welcome on my behalf, since I went AWOL all this while...


Here's what I used to follow:

Broadly there are 2 kinds of offenders - people who do MASS plagiarism in an attempt to quickly gain a whole bunch of credits in a very short span of time and then apply for hosting. Their behaviour is characterised by submission of copied posts in bulk one after the other in rapid succession. Such people are to be dealt with harshly as they're in gross violation of our TOS. They usually get a whole bunch of warning followed by revoking of posting rights and/or a BAN.

The second type are the ignorant ones - who don't read our TOS and make a couple of copied posts. These people can be checked and corrected if caught in time - and many of them actually turn out to be good posters later on. If they don't indulge in mass plagiarism - modify their post and issue a verbal warning (through PM) - the first time. Second time onwards, keep warning them - till their warning bar is raised by 3 and then revoke their posting rights. Once they get in touch with you - try and explain the problem and see if they listen to reason and act accordingly

P.S. If they get abusive - show no mercy [:P]


Or be like me and warn people immediately who do it at all if they seem sorry, and punish them severely if they get mouthy about it :P


Better not copy anything around Jeigh LMAO. I'm more like the first strike and you're still ok. Anything after will be shame on user :PAlready sent a PM asking the user kindly to include quotes whenever they copy content from another site. Been posting other things and all seem to be ok :P