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Tutorial Approval Backlog! We need to get these reviewed.

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I don't go into the tutorial section as much as I used to and there are a great number of categories there that simply do not interest me so I don't dig too deep usually.


Between my occasional absense, the lack of Admin presence, and being short on active staff, we have accumulated a large number of tutorials that haven't been reviewed. Without direct dtabase access, I can't really tell how many there are but I think it is a bunch since some are as old a July!


The bad thing is that some of them are by members that were very knowledgable, very active, and very much not with us anymore! Did they get upset that nobody looked at their tutorial? Who knows but we ALL need to do a better job of reviewing tutorials.


So we have a few choices here:

I can assign sections of the turorial forum to each moderator.

We can chose sections to do and post which one we want here.

We can just start reviewing now and see what is left in a week!

All of the above.

We don't have a list of anapproved topics but forums with an unapproved topic are maked with an icon:

Posted Image


When we review them, we can do one of the following:

Approve and set visable.

Move to the proper forum and set visable.

Move to the junk folder.


The determining factors for approving a tutorial are as follows:

Is the tutorial helpful in some way. Reboot instructions for a Windows PC isn't helpful, we have ALL done that countless times.

Does the tutorial have a sufficient amount of content. This is usually 300 words or more. Be sure that code heavy tutorials offer more than just source code or a seies of snippets. The code needs to be explained but code heavy tutorials may have less than 300 words since the code serves as content.

Graphics tutorials tend to have a lot of images posted but the search engines can't "SEE" the image so the tutorial may be poorly index but the search engines. Be sure tutorials that are graphics heavy thoroughly explain the images. We don't want ALL graphic, animated graphic, or flash totorials here since they can't be indexed by the spiders.

Is the content original? If it is copied word for word, it is plagiarized and the members is warned and or suspened. The plagiarized topic is deleted! An article may be rewritten in the members own words but this is still not the best possible outcome. Many time an article is post in its entirety inside the quote tag with proper credit to the originator. This is acceptable but again, we really want original conten here.

Finding plagiarized (copied) articles:

I usually spot them pretty quickly! They are usually very good and contain very little BBC because they were copy and pasted from a content site and not the source of a posted topic somewhere.Another way is by the user's habits. If a user manages to get several posts in in a very short period of time, they are copy and pasting! You can see this in the last 30 topics when there username is listed for consecutive topics or have 5 or more in the list. Just do a search for the members topics and note the time of each. I've been writtin thei topic for 40 minutes now so 2 or 3 500 word topics in less than an hour is a bright red flag.

Finally, select a contect rich section of text from the article and copy it to googles search input box and do a search. If two or three samples of the article are not found, then it is probably safe to approve.

Don't select the first few or the last few lines as this is where the memebr probably modified it for his needs.


Be sure to post the url of the original article in the members warning note with the url of their tutorial.


If you have any questions, ask another satff member.



I just want to thank the staff member or members that resolved this issue so quickly. I think as long as we keep up to date with these, they won't be too much trouble now.vujsa


I have an idea, dunno how easy it would be to implement or how annoying it would get, but...We get emails of reported posts, could we also get email notification when a new tutorial is posted? It would be an easy way to keep on top of them, we would all have a running list of those that need approval. (Well sortof, some that have been approved may be on that list).