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Splitting Post From A Topic

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If you run into a topic Figure 1 that goes well but you spot a reply that can be considered as spam or should be made invisible, you can take the following steps to extract that reply from a topic. This applies to multiple replies, posts in a single topic as well.


Posted ImageFigure 1.


Select the post that should be split from the topic.


Posted ImageFigure 2.


Pull down the topic moderate pull down menu and select Split Topic *topic moderate pull down menu is located on the lower right hand side.

If you have selected multiple replies, you will see With Selected (#) where # will represent the number of multiple replies selected.


Posted ImageFigure 3.


The next screen, you get to name the topic and description that the split post will preside under. Again, it observes your typing where if you don't cap or cap all, it will remain this way. I usually send split replies to Spam Topics To Be Adjusted, therefore I do not worry of its aesthetic value.


Posted ImageFigure 4.


Notice that under Post Preview, there's a check box. This is if you decided to leave out certain post at the last moment without going back to the topic moderating.


Select where should your split replies to be moved (normally to Spam Topic To Be Adjusted) and click the bottom Split the selected posts


Posted ImageFigure 5.


You have successfully splited a post from its topic.


UPDATE for board v.2.1.4


It seems like when you split the topic, it registers without a post date. This means when you move to a forum section, it will appear at the very end of the list when sorted by date (default). For point in case, check out spam topics to be adjusted and go to the very last page.


--originally posted in Xisto Staff section where not everyone is able to see.