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Merging Forum Topics

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We all know the moderator's pull down function


Posted ImageFigure 1


Suppose you found topics that are very close or similar titles that need to merged into one. For example


Posted ImageFigure 2


For this exercise, we're going to pretend that the Topic B is going to be merged with Topic A (for reasons up to you, but let's say you don't want to rewrite the title or the title is written well enough that you want to preserve it). And it's your discretion to merge which topic to the other. The forum will delegate posts by posting dates. So, sometimes the flow of replies and arguments may not be coherent. Please be careful when attempting to merge topics which one has many replies.


Open up Topic B and get its post URL. This is obtained by going to the first topic and clicking the post number (#1). A window will open and copy that to your clipboard (Ctrl-C).


Posted ImageFigure 3


Now that you have the post URL from Topic B, open Topic A and select MERGE TOPIC from moderator's pull down menu. Figure 1. By the next page, paste your copied post URL.


Posted ImageFigure 4


At this time you can still edit the topic title and description. Be sure to use proper caps since it will show up exactly as you type--unlike the normal process where only the first letter is caped. If you cap the whole title, it will remain all caped.


--This was originally posted in Xisto but under Staff section where not everyone can see.