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Welcome To The Staff xboxrulz Thanks for the help

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I want to welcome xboxrulz to the moderating team. If you have any questions about how we do things here, please contact another staff member. I'm sure that you will find you groove quickly and thank you for the assistance.vujsa


Thanks for the warm welcome!It's honour to become a moderator and I'm sure I should be able to fit in just fine knowing that Xisto has a really good staff personnel.xboxrulz


Hey Xbox..Welcome to the club also :)I was asked to be a mod yesterday also, looking at your posts over the time ive been here and the amount you have..I am suprised you were not already asked.Lets Moderate!! Marky;)


Thanks for the welcome Mark420.xboxrulz


Ahhh another one of the oldies on board eh :P Welcome welcome and gear up to kick some *bottom* :P