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Welcome To The Staff Mark420! Now for the fun part...

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I want to welcome Mark420 to the Moderating team. I'm sure he'll make a fine addition to the team and I want everyone to help him out with any question she may have.Good luck and get back to work!vujsa


Thanks guys I hope I can help out a lot over here..I will be workign a lot from home in the next few months getting my new company off the ground and running so I will have a lot of time behind the kb infront of me!Hope I can make a goood difference to the forums :)Thanks for making me a mod :DMarky)Edit: Lol I can assure you im a HE not a SHE :D just ask my gf for clarification!!


Welcome to the club man, I know you'll make a great addition. :)


It was about time :) Welcome :D


I just want my first message as a reinstated mod to be a heartfelt welcome to the team. It's a lot fo fun, and a lot of benefits, but a lot of work. But I'm sure you'll do fine, if we don't eat your brain first.~Viz


Good luck & a warm welcome [:P] Haven't met you earlier on.. but will surely get to know each other better in no time.Cheers..


Yeah You will find me very easy to get along with :PIm soo chilled out :P)