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Staff: Need Feedback Immediately !

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What say you guys to making pyost a mod ? I've been watching him for quite a while - spends a decent amount of time on the forums, helps out in rejecting stupid hosting appz etc etc..


A couple of our regular mods are taking a break - for example szupie is off to Hong Kong for whole two months and a few of the oldies have completely vanished - so our mod list had been declining steadily.. We could certainly do with some help on this front.


Let me know !! :unsure:


I'd say that sounds like a good choice to me. He's around often, always helpful, I've never seen him do anything that would be considered problematic... He'd probably be a good addition to the mod list.


Sounds good to me, send him the pm and let's get him on the team. Then he can live to regret it when he finds out our true natures, hehe.~Viz


Just what I need, another new mod to train this summer. Seems like we are constantly training new mods then they go a get lives and leave us here all alone. Before you know it, we'll have a whole new staff again and then I'll have to learn everyones name again. Sometimes when people come online I see them but I can't remember their names. I think there should be some kind of system to identify each other's names. :unsure:Anyway, I think that would be a fine idea. We could use the help around here as we always have a surplus of spam to deal with around here.vujsa


Hehe :unsure: Seems like no one has any objections so far .. I'll let this lie around for a day more for any other feedback that might come by and then add him tomorrow if all's fine :D


Done.. Topic closed :unsure: