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Uhm Credits?

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There isn't a tutorial. The only changes I know regarding the new credit system can all be found here. I learned about the new system on Feb 23, when ms^e sent me this pm:

No need to adjust credits anymore - if Opaque's script is working properly, her credits should have been adjusted as soon as you quoted the content out. The the credits system recalculates credit upon editing of the post.

I didn't even know it had to do with the credits trouble until vujsa pointed it out. So, you didn't miss out much.
Oooh, sorry, I just deleted a spam post of one of our members, but I forgot to put a note in it before deleting it. I'll remember to do so next time. (It's much easier psychologically to delete posts now, since now I know that the actions will be logged.)


So - I lost a shitload of credits for doing my job? Wonderful.... Yeah I am pissed off now, it would have been nice to actually hear this slightly sooner, or at least have a post about the new system in the staff section. I lost 2/3 of my credits, not because I spammed, not because I cursed or plagged, I lost most of my credits because I DID MY JOB! Swell.... (In case it is not obvious, I am very angry)


That's probably why the loss of credits appeared inter-dependant. What I don't understand is that when m^e and I were testing the moderating of posts, whenever I editted someone's post (removed or changed content) my credits were not affected directly, as we had thought.


Anyhow, I've cooled off - talked to OpaQue and he gave me back the credits and a shitload more. At this point I want to add - if a mod here or admin loses credits due to deletion of posts in a topic that got moderated, please pm me and I will give you what you lost :o Fair is fair. Alright?


I've found that when we edit a member's post, the text inside our NOTE gives some extra credits, although it doesn't count as much as normal text. Would it be possible to create a new tag like [nocredit] that makes everything inside worth nothing? Can the credit system be manipulated like that?


That's a pretty good idea, although it would have to be heavily scripted? I don't know... I would donate some credits, but I'm at a pretty low number too (-300 lol)


Umm.. hate to bring this one out of its respectful slumber, but I just lost at least 5 credits in a day for a reason I can't comprehend. I don't think one of my posts was deleted, and I haven't edited anyone's posts lately except to add quote tags. I'm not really upset (even though I'm negative again after just reaching positive) but I'm curious. Could this be related to the recent SQL Injection? I doubt it since that is over and I just lost the credits. Any explanantion would be welcome.~Viz

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