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Do wishes that already happened in real life count?And how many times has HTML_Guru died, I mean even if he were a cat, it should be permanent by now.~VizI wish that the poster after me doesn't make a wish and closes the topic.


Jipman.setWish(null);Jipman.modSkills.lockTopic(true);TOPIC LOCKEDJipman wished that another mod openened the topic again.


The topic was of course reopenee,d but then, it was closed.I wish no moderator would reopen the topic.~Viz


Unfortunately, vizzy (:huh:) did not bank on a blind moderator when he made his wish. A young and daring chap re-opened the topic, and made his wish.I wish I could fly.


Wait, vujsa?! Anyway, you immediately donned a cape, and true to as seen in the incredibles, got sucked into a jet engine.I wish there were no blind moderators, those pesks.~Viz


Then, all of the blind moderators in the world dissappeared. Unfortunately, there are still deaf moderators who do not read their screens, but use screen readers instead. They still randomly clicked on buttons in the forum, just like how the blind ones used to do.I wish the telephone was not invented.


Since my name changed, I changed, therefore no longer blind. And the telephone ceased to exist, as the all-powerful szupie wished so. Unfortunately, because the telephone doesn't exist, people can't advance on levels of communication, therefore the Internet never got developed, and this forum is a conjure of the imagination.I wish that I could have a magical psychopathic wand, that when spammers come near, it viciously and sorbedly and anything else really bad, attacks them.P.S. Sorry about the name, vizzy, guy was blind :huh:


Wait, what who? Why would I have a problem with you changing names? Anyway, you were immediately given the wand, and unfortunately, it thought that one of your shorter posts on Antilost was spam, since it uses current computer AI technology which isn't as good as we'd hoped. So it bludgeons you, badly.I wish IE suddenly supported the DOM standards in actuallity instead of in fascimile.~Viz


Microsoft re-developed IE to fully support DOM standards in actuallity instead of in facsimile, but as true to this wishing game, Microsoft had also secretively forgot about that spyware folder xerox. The two applications collided and eradicated all the latest IE developments. Microsoft were put back under the rock they crawled out from, and life continued.I wish I could have an inflatable girlfriend, that when I blow her up (oops) she does my chors, does my homework/coursework, does other things, and deflates and packs herself away in the drawer from whence she came.


Done, and of course, you infalte her, and she does nothing, so you blow her up, adn do the pieces go to work. But each time you blow her up to get stuff done again, the ieces get smaller and smaller until you can't see them anymore.I wish that wishing caused wishes to be wished.~Viz


I wish that wishing caused wishes to be wished.

Ahh, recursion.. i remember that !

vizsky walker gets his wish, and god integrates the following code into the fabric of the universe.
void wish() {      wish();}

having made a wish, wish() is called. wich calls wish wich calls wish which calls... etc etc

The universe quickly runs out of stack and crashes. Life, the universe and everything is destroyed.. THANKS ALOT !!!!!

I wish i was this Racheal... http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
I would have taken MUCH better care of Van Gogh's ear.. so my family today could have sold it, and been very very rich !!!!


Instantly, qwiji becomes a several century dead prostitute female, who was buried with an ear, to safegueard it. Since she was an orphan, and had no siblings or kids, there is no family to be rich.I wish someone would write a good tut on protected mode interrupt handling and APIC reprogramming, and that I knew where it was.~Viz


The tutorial is written in this forum, however the author has not yet been born... yep, its going to be written in 994 years, 12 days ,8 hours, and 22 minutes.As part of the authors *History of computing* research (Yep... Xisto will then be an Online University)vizsky walker instantly bribes his way into a cryogenics lab, and sets the timer for what is now 12 days, 8 hoirs and 20 minutes.he wakes up seconds before the year 3000 millenium.freaks out when some indian guy resembling Apu tris to insert a career chip into his hand, goes on the fun, and befriends a suicidal alchohol fueled robot named bender.I wish that i had a magic pocket, which always magicaly contained the exact amount of money for whatever i was about to buy, wether it be a bus ticket, or 1984 delorian Gullwing, complete with flux capacitors and time circuits...Ohh, and i also had the car from back to the futture 3... and it really flys, and goes back and fourth in time.


Wish apparently granted, you hear extra change clink in your pocket. Assuming the wish has gone smoothly, you go to the nearest brothel to order some sort of male-order bride (yes, apparently, they do that now...), with the exact change neccessary to get it. However, there was a new tax instituted, regarding prostitution (go figure) of 13% of the purchase. Well, this causes a confusion, as the wish-giver didn't know that was necessary with such charges. Becoming frantic, he tries to compensate by adding a CRAP-load of change to your earnings. Being a moron, however, he adds a ridiculous amount, something nearing 50 pounds-worth. This causes your scrawny body to crumble under the weight, ultimately breaking your neck and back in the process. You lay there for over 45 minutes, upon which tons and tons of female-order grooms run over and have their way with you.


Ooh... ouch.


I wish that I could become this ( :huh: ) smiley-face.

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