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Hi ppl, could you check this site http://www.ask4info.pt.vu/404.php and let me know your opinion.


The template is very very simple, I'm an Telecomunications and Electronics engineer so I'm going to focus more in the content than in the image, but image is very important and I may need some help on that department ;)


Thanks in advance


I like what you've got going on with this site so far. It's simple, isn't hard on my eyes, loads quickly ... and pretty easy to navigate.I'm not sure if you should keep all the ads clumped together like they are right now, though. (One at the top ... one at the side ... then another one right there to the right). Maybe that's just my thing, though.


Yeah to me the overall layout is good and simple, with just black and white mostly. Although I think there is too much white space at the bottom.