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Hehe, so m^e is a young 'un comapred to NilsC and some others. And as for 17, I just turned 17, so obviously I'm the main character in moon's story. My life is already a monotony, and my wood floor creeks, just a little more evidence.Anywho, I think this topic may need its name adjusted, since it has moved from must read to random talkings. Or maybe we shoukd split it.~Viz


Vizsky you might want to reconsider... Riso's father got trampled by a gone mad bull. ... and his mother just hung herself.. am doing the description of the body now ;) When I finish it.. if I finish it, I'll put it in PDF and post a linkie to it :P


Oh well, forget reconsidering, by naming him something else, he obviously isn't me anymore. See, names provide greater weight than one introductory paragraph.~Viz


Just this:More G0re plz :P ;)ps. Desperately waiting to become older, I want my hair to turn white and I wonder what a midlife crisis is like. Too bad life doesn't have a fast forward button eh? :PAbout the topic name change, don't, it does make us look organized doesn't it? :P


Aye Aye Moon!!!



ps. Just been 17 last year, and it isn't as great as you think it is ;):P


Try Being Thirty one!!!!!


Try Being Thirty one!!!!!


Urggggh... gurrrrgle... YOU HAD TO REMIND ME.. DIDN'T YOU... :P hrrrrrmmmpppphhh.. it's like a matter of tomorrow for me now ;)


so hey, witchie witch - why don't you try some of ur stunts on us :P put some spell on your papers and write about us like that - lets see if we all wake up feeling 17 tomorrow... that'll be cool :P


What's with people trying to want to be 17 these days????Sure, you don't have to pay taxes, and you don't have this huge bunch of troublesome tax forms you have to fill in every once and a while but being old (as in 30 < x < 40) can't be that bad?


Alright - that's IT! LOL, I am this "[----]" close from (re)moving some posts and adjusting some credits here, mister(s) and miss(es)! I want everyone to end their needless chatter, and get back to the matter at hand... which... was... uh...Fine, continue bickering.


Ah HTML_Guru, you remind me of me when I first started, no you're right, this has gotten way out of hand. OpaQue, how about we create a subforum in here called Staff Chat that gets no post count. I think we are abusing this forum. THe past two pages are entirely off topic.

at 17 you still pay taxes with complex forms if you make enough money.



As per request ... Staff Chat now open. TOpic closed.

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