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Fractals Any program to create?

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Do you know if there is any program to create Fractal from a formula or from an expression? Fractals are images create from math expresions and i think they are realy amazing, when you think that you're looking in a formula :)

like this...

If you know any applications to make these awesome images...please answer i'ts a long time i'm looking forward it....:/


fractuals are created from maths! i didnt know that i just thought they somehow done it with a fractual program. i didnt know maths was involved in this kind of art.i seen them about in deviantart.com and they look really good! try looking around on that website and you might find what the artist used to make the picture.


try a search on google for chaos pro - it is verygood, http://www.chaospro.de/ try also fractal extreme


fractals...previously never heard of them...but after looking at some of the screenshots, I'm impressed. Art based solely on math. How fun will that be =P i'll give it a go after the upcoming SATs...(i hate testing lol)


The best fractal software I've ever seen is Ultra Fractal. You can make the pics you never dreamed about.
Check http://www.ultrafractal.com/ for more info :P


I think that http://electricsheep.org/ is a screensaver version of what your talking about.
Here is a good explanation of what a Fractal is:

Fractal Flames are algorithmically generated images and animations. The software was written in 1992 and released as open source, aka free software. It has been incorporated into many graphics programs and ported to most operating systems. The shape of each image is specified by a long string of numbers - a genetic code of sorts.

Here is how you can make them:

You can create your own flames with the Apophysis interactive designer (for windows) or with the gimp's flame plug-in (for linux and OSX). Or you can use the Electric Sheep distributed screen saver to join the collective evolution of animated fractal flames.

http://www.apophysis.org/=Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows


ah fractals they are quite lovely

here is an example of what its capable of if you are good
Cerulean by Greenarmani
by the way that was done in both Ultra Fractals 3 as well as photoshop (you need photoshop to make it really pretty :P

Anyways if one is too lazy to do their own fractals or are just not skilled enough (me) you can always download kickazz fractal brushes from deviantart, click the below link for them



My personal favorite is Chaoscope.Try googling it.