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l337 Nurse Pedestrian

Well, as you may or may not know. I'm not very good at sprites. So I decided to get Graphics Gale, and take a few tutorials. I made a few sprites. Tell me what you think of them;


That's a gingerbread man, I did the shading all by myself, I didn't use gradients or anything.


Also there's this robot/mech that I made.

What do you think of this one?


It's not as good as the gingerbread man, in my opinon.


This here's some marble with eyes and a mouth. I was just being random when I made this, it's yellow too.



And lastly, I made a rock.

Once again, I did the shading myself. I didn't use a gradient tool.




Oh, and here's just some computer art I did:




click it.



C&C is appreciated, since I'm new with spriting.


Your server doesn't seem to be responding. All images but your gingerbread man seem to have broken link. From what I saw earlier though, it looks like you have a good start. You may want to steer clear of thick, strait black lines though. I've found that a good way to make an image that's about that size is to always make it much larger at about 200 by 200 pixels, then increase the contrast a bit so your details are more visable and then shrink it.