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I'm a very basic user when it comes to graphic design. I tried to take a class at college, (still am in colleg) but it was titled graphic design and it wasn't the right course. Had to do with cardboard, cutting, pasting, etc. Anyways, I was wondering if one of you guys would take the time and post a tutorial in the tutorial section. Maybe something simple. Not the layout or anything, but like how to make sigs by using layers etc. (I can do that much, but it might not be the right way) Maybe explain how to use masks or make a collage or how to blend in items and make them fade away. I mainly use PSP but I'm thinking about switching over to photoshop. Depends, I could probably get my hands on Maya in the future and was thinking about giving that a shot. Just depends on the time I have during college. Anyway, if anyone would take the time to explain some of the basics of these functions, that would be great.


Instead of using PSP or photoshop, check out macromedia fireworks @ http://www.adobe.com/ I think it has an easier interface, and it is so much deeper that photoshop. I use all three, and all i use photoshop for is just the sponge tool to desaturate photos and just make certain parts black and white. It can be done in fireworks, but it takes a few more steps. It's worth checking out, though.PeaceAaron


I don't think it's something somebody can really teach you. Sure you can learn to use the programs, but you kind of have to figure out for yourself what looks good and what doesn't.


well i haven't the time to make original tutorials on my own, but i suggest http://www.pixel2life.com/ for tutorials on almost every popular graphic applications


I also have the other tutorial site it is I always go : http://photoshopcafe.com/

I hope it can help you