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Flash Displaying Pictures Low-rez pic display

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Can anyone help me with this problem I seem to be having with flash?? I know this is probably some stupid little setting somewhere I have to tweak but I can't find it. I'm trying to put a picture into flash on the canvas. I have a seperate layer for it. Nothing else is on the layer. Properties for the picture is set at 100 % quality. My publish settings are set at 100% quality for Jpegs and I've tried every setting I can find but the picture keeps displaying at a low resolution when I preview my movie. It displays fine on the design screen when I test it. But whenever I preview it - it just farts. I don't understand it. I have put tons of pictures of high rez images in flash files before and never had this problem. I had a similar problem with sound once and found like a third place to edit sound properties for the file I was working with and that did the trick - I imagine the solution is something similar but I am stuck.PLEASE HELPTHANX