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l337 Nurse Pedestrian

Yeah I got the package thing with 10 credits, I got the email. However, I didn't get any FTP or CPanel Details. All I got was Hello ,Your Web Hosting Account application has been approved! You may create/upgrade your Web Hosting Account at Please be active at the forums. If you are going to use your Domain as our hosting package, kindly point your nameservers to ns1.Astahost.com and ns2.Astahost.comWe kindly request you to post at our forums genuinely. You will have to maintain your hosting credits by posting.Please checkout our extremely cheap Quality paid web hosting at Xisto - Web Hosting (50mb Space @ $10/YEAR!)PS: Our paid web hosting accounts are stored on seperate Dedicated servers for unmatched performance.Sincerly,Xisto.com Management


l337 Nurse Pedestrian

YEah I did that, I already clicked that, and filled it in. THen I tried to go to cpanel and I couldn't log in


You never finished the hosting request. You should go back and re fill out the form. Wait for the confirmation. I takes a long time for it to finish. If you close your browser the setup is terminated and you have to start all over.Nils*** Edit ***Problem solved, l337 Nurse Pedestrian is the proud owner of a hosting account. Enjoy*** TOPIC CLOSED *** ;)Nils*** /Edit ***