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Can't Log Into C-panel

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When i type in my user name and password, it just takes me back to the log-on screen again. Somebody help me, or give the RIGHT link. There is so many links i dont know which one is right. Thanks for your help.


If you have the problem while using the popup login. Try to cancel and log in from the webpage. If it works from the webpage you have to allow (popup) or something like that in your browser. I have the same problem from home. I have to cancel out and login from the webpage. :P Same browser at work, I have no problem with. This one at home I have a setting wrong so I have to cancel. :) Nils


ok i will try that out thanks


yea that doesn't work either. It still says log-in attempt failed.


You have possibly lost your password or typing wrong ones. Please request a password RESET at the request hosting forum.