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Log-in Issues I feel like a idiot...

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I tried to change my password in cpanel, and that password would not work. I tried reseting it, and that would not work either. I desperately need to upload files before a week, or my site will be erased.


Make sure you are using your cpanel username "kevlar55" and the password you were given.If that password don't work have cpanel reset your password, and the new password will be emailed to you.When you go to cpanel, you may have to click out of the popup login screen. I have to because of settings I use in the browser. Then login on the webpage with the new password.When you change the password in cpanel, wait for the screen to refresh. Close the browser, restart the browser and goto cpanel and log back in with the new password.This may not be the only way you can do this but it works for me.Nils


And If you still cannot figure out ... Drop a Message at Request hosting section for Password RESET.