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Your Hosting + Another Company .com Domain urgent question

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Hi!I dind't where to post this topic, but I think it is the rigth place!I have hosted at Xisto with jantuan.astahost.com and in several days I'll register at another company a .com domain name like jantuan.com , so the question is: will I be able to conect the files from jantuan.astahost.com with jantuan.com?and if I want to create e-mails from the Xisto cpanel, will it be like myemail@jantuan.com or it will remain mymail@jantuan.astahost.com???thanks!


Once you register your domain, you can either park it and use it. Or you can request for your ACCOUNT MODIFICATION.We modify accounts on our sole discreation to avoid spamming. We wont do this for members who are inactive and who have a poor forum record. Or for members who keep requesting repeatedly.If your Account is modified, you dont have to park it. Your NAMESERVERS must point to NS1.ASTAHOST.COM and NS2.ASTAHOST.COM