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I just saw a desktop background made in Flash !!Doesn anyone have a tutorial or anything of how to do this? It makes like an interactive desktop, which is so cool!Please fill me in if know how... thanks!


You have to enable active desktop first in order to do what you are asking. To do this go to your desktop and right click the desktop and choose properties. You may already be familiar with that step. You are also going to need some flash background to do this as well. You will need to get Flash MX to do this. If you go to macromedia.com you can download a 30 day trial and get some tutorials on how to start using the program. Good Luck


yes, they're cool but they make your icon text have an ugly grey backgound...at least with me. but try searching for a program that can do that. yes, a program. but a better bet is going to http://download.cnet.com/windows/ and searching for it. i ahd the program but i forgot the name...sry. also, you have to make your own animations for it...i hope you know how to :)


Affff :) I tried and tried to make an interactive bg with a sort of creature thiingy something walking around randomly, and looking mildly interested at what you are doing. Becuz i suck at flash (my programming is sooo bad :) ) i gave it up and it's hidden now somewhere deep in the dungeons of my CPU ... but i'd like to see some screeny's from ppl who did managa to do it :)


yes, they're cool but they make your icon text have an ugly grey backgound...


yeah, that IS annoying, isn't it? just the same as with an animated GIF, but i wouldn’t recommend to do an animated GIF as a background, at least, not like for example this:

Posted Image

or this:

Posted Image

cause they make your eyes go freaky and you wanna smash your computer to 1001 pieces, and throw it through your window, and then an elephant walks by, and… nevermind.


Anyway, you shouldn’t overdo the animation, when you use an animated background, that’s all


PS: i really did that...


the first animated gif as a background, not the elephant story, but i did another after.... 23 seconds :)