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Our Website Turmoil

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We now have our forum up and running, but I am not too sure we have the website as good as it could be. We are noobs, but trying to learn. Firstly, would we be better off getting rid of all the images and just having the "Old Motor Car" number plate on the page with say an "Enter Forum" button somewhere? The reason I ask, is because of our limited abilities. Should we not try and be so clever and keep it simple. Is simple best? Secondly, we want to set up our Parts and Services Locator for visitors. I also have a feeling we are overstretching ourselves here as well. For the most part, my co admin looks after the webpage side while I tend to the forum side of things. But he can only devote (work pressure) very little time to the project. Which makes me think that continually adding extra information webpages to the site is going to be a nonstarter. Would we be better off finding another alternative other than webpages to put our info on. The vision I had is a system where we can create page easily either outside or within forum. Then put content on each page. (Hope all this makes sense) Looked at the Fansatico area but wasn't sure there was anything that could help in there. Can anyone share their thoughts on these things. Thanks


I have always believed that yes in most cases keeping it simple is indeed better than trying to do too much and screwing half of it up. With your second problem, maybe you should look at some of the portals around where I believe you can use a kind of customizable template. It will help you create alot of pages much faster without having to put in as much time or effort.Also if you could tell us the url of your site we could probably hep you much better.


Well for one it seems you guys are going to need a good site that allows you to be flexable and to try things and easily change them back if you mess it up. For that I suggest useing a portal as Darren said. And it would be easier to tell if you were to show the site. Also if you were to use a prtal you can link it to your forum and allow it to pull things directly from it. I personally don't know how to achieve this but I have seen it done. Invision provides it if I remeber right. Simple is always good but if you go to low tech on your site it may not attract many people.


I feel website should be informative and in most cases entertaining...and to that you can either be simple in presentation or show off your talent in extreme complexity....its your choice... but i feel your site should be "Simply the best" and it should be "Simple and best"...thats all...