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Decent Transparent Images With Photoshop/image Rea

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hey, was wondering if anyone here knows how to create decent transparent images with Adobe PS or image ready. So far it looks like I can only make an image that is max. 256 colors and even if I choose that all the colors are changed in my image and it looks "washed out."Also anyone can answer me a question... Isn't it sort of a catch 22 that if you want a transparent image to look decent you have to add a color matte to make it blend into a solid background, so what's the point of it being transparent when it only blends with solid backgrounds anyways? No matte I've found generally looks like ****.


well, generally you'd use transparencies to put one layer over another. This way you will be able to blend together different pictures into one. Also, like you mentioned, gif extensions that are not at a hundred percent opacity will look faded. So make sure it's at a hundred before actually saving.


PNG images can exceed the 256 limit of the GIF image. So using a PNG image instead but give both lower file size (most likely) and a better image transparency, no matter what background colour it's used on.