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I posted like 11 posts now. But accordin to the stats on the left it says posts : 0 Why is that ?PLease tell me as i am really annoyed and it makes me not want to post anymore...


Ok sorry nevermind about that post...admins can delete it if u fink i m spamming... the posts i made before didnt count but now it does for some reason :| Maybe u need to wait a day be4 posting


If you really got nice things to contribute ( stuff about computers and other technical things like hardware, SEO etc ), your post count will rise smoothly.. :P Becuase, Post count is counted only at the main topics which mean something ( like computers, hardware etc. ) Other topics here are only for entertainment purpose.. :P


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it but anyway... What is with r3d closing those topics when they get to 9 pages? If I was interested in the topic than I would read more than 9 pages. Take books for example, when a person is intersted in something they might try to find a book on it and most books have hundreds of pages in them.


yeah, why i close it?that 9 page is full of argument posted by 3 to 5 members. and some, post the same thing over and over again and arguing for that thing where that topic is not a debate. the topic is asking for someones points of view not depending your point. and think about new comer, will they read all of those post? no. they have just to post what they use and why? if they read that some mem debating about it, its thier opportunity to gain more post.if those topic are really interesting feel free to create a new one. as continuation of the closed topic.if you think that i'm wrong. see reputation thing. do what you want, it's there for members.if you have complains just post and i will read it, if i see your post. :)-thnx