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How to make image selection fade to transparency

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Hi, I have Photoshop CS and I want to know how to make an image selection fade to transparency. Example, I select part of a photo, say a persons face, with the lasso select tool. I want to make the boundries of the lasso selected area fade to transparent in a gradient style. It seems very easy but I can't figure it out. Please advise thanks.


What do you mean by the 'boundaries', if you want the inside to become transparent in a gradient style, you can make the selection copy the selected area, with the selection still selected paste it on another layer, now click back on the original layer go to Select | Modifiy | Contract and set it to 1. Then press Delete, now with the pasted layer selected click on the Add Layer Mask icon in the layers palette, now press D to reset the colours to black and white and the the gradient style you want (Linear, Radial...) and click and drag like you would normally, you will see that the black of the gradient makes the part covered in it disappear and the white is what is left visible. This is the basic way you can do what you want although i am not sure what you required. If you want the outside to be transparent, then just invert the selection (ctrl + shift + i).


select quick mask modeuse brush to select the part you wantdo a gradientreturn to normal modethen add layer mask :)


Ummm I've one quick and easy, first open photo, now duplicate Background Layer, delete original background, pick lasso tool, make the selection, go to menu select / feather choose a radius feather value between 1 and 250, try some values, example 10. After it's done, go menu selection / inverse, now press delete, and you've the transparency effect.