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Whats the best design program for like editing your movies from a digital camera?


Adobe After Effects is probably the way to go.




For putting together my high school's senior video, I used Adobe Premier Pro. The program is difficult to use at first, but once you learn how to use it, adding music and editing scenes is very simple.


For the beginning I would use Magix music video maker 2003 / 4 to cut your movies.To build in special effects uns afer effects !


Let see, if you want to edit your movies the best to start is adobe premiere, it's not very difficult to learn, but the capture card has to be compatible with premiere or have wdm capture driver in order to work. Premiere can do almost anything, but if you want something more profesional, you can use after effects for post production your edited video to add effects and some goodies, it's fully compatible with premiere and photoshop secuences, permite layers, transparency, almost everything that you use in others programs.If you want more, maybe you can use SpeedRazor or Avid, but these programs are extremely powerful, a little hard to learn, and more important extremely expensive, but all network televison broadcasts use these programs.


Premier is also a good way to go.


-If you're looking for eiting software, i don't know if this will help, but try
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Adobe Premiere's great, tho..


The very, VERY best is Final Cut Pro. Then again, that costs upwards of $900-1000. So that might be out of the question, lol. Afraid I can't offer any advice on reasonable editing for PCs (although I can say that anything Adobe is quite good), but iMovie on the Mac is great. And it comes free with the machine. Ah, the joys of Apples...


if you dont want anything fancy, you can always use windows movie maker, its pretty basic, but its pretty simple to work with, i've made pretty good music videos out of it, mostly by putting clips together, and timing it, not many special effects.