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Crazy About An Acting Teacher...

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OK, well about six months ago, I signed up to do private classes with a local acting teacher, and:



- We started talking and joking around on Facebook and Gmail


- After class once she said she was heading to the hospital in my home town and gave me a lift. when we talked in the car, it was like we were old friends


- She confessed some really personal stuff online, and said she values me as a friend to tell me


That said, I think I'm developing feelings for her. I know it may sound weird, but she seems like a pretty person on the inside and outside. the thing is, well this is kind of complex, so I will outline below:


- I think she knows that i like her, however I don't want to ask her out on a proper date as she may get spooked out, and that may in turn jeopardise my practice. I'm thinking of asking her out to the movies instead, just as friends.


- We talk almost everyday online, but my main fear here is above. if it were in another avenue, then yeah, I wouldn't need to care.