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Dealing With Hurt

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post-128009-0-91735000-1334740947_thumb.jpgSometime you figure that the girl is not giving you what you want and you feel like someone who has left home to buy oranges and you are stuck with someone who is selling only apples. They say that the only true love is unrequited love. I don’t think that is true in its entirety because that is like punching a bag and calling it a boxing tournament.I believe everything has a purpose whether you want to see it for its purpose or not. I also believe that everything is predestined with a purpose, right from the moment we spend in deep trash to the happier ones. When a relationship sees failure, I don’t think there is any better thing to do than ‘move on’ but this is so difficult. The hurt is like an emotional maggot wound and keeps us painfully anxious.Sometimes I wonder if I am called to be alone and if these failures in relationship are the thorn in me that keeps my humility in check. All you can do in these times is live of moment and leave the rest in God’s faithful hands for everything has its own time and He will make sure that you don’t brood when that time is up over and out.


Great post. What an elegant way to describe the human condition we have all at one time or another found ourselves in. I'm sure we have all had those times when we wondered if we were meant to walk alone. I think those moments are simple to give us a better appreciation of the good time that you know sooner or later are going to come along when you do find that person that is the right one for you.


Expectation is what makes us miserable in our life we tend to become mad unless we find what we wanted for. In every aspect of our life be it love, career or anything else. We are miserable in our own woven web of comforts, luxuries or expectations.Great people say but do things without keeping expectation in mind but very difficult to implement in our own life. Love someone without expecting anything in return. But since we are in some or other way care so much for own feelings, pleasures,sadness that its really hard to remain apathetic even if someone ditches us. But life will make you do that even if you don't want to do so.Life will make you lead life despite the person you wanted with you not there any more.Rather life always make you run after anything or everything.