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My Breakup What do i do now?

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Ok i was with my high school sweetheart just a few months shy of 6 years. First year and a bit was pretty rough. We had never been in relationships before so it was different adapting to each other. We would argue over every little thing because we were both equally as stubborn and young. We got over all this at the beginning and felt like we were getting stronger with all the fights we would get over. So years passed and we were realizing that we had absolutely nothing at all in common. And i mean nothing, but i was growing to love everything she enjoyed doing. I liked the fact that we werent the same. I thought it was better because i got to learn new things. She never liked this and it bothered her. She felt like i was faking my interest in things she liked doing. We both got older and i got accustomed to her habits. So i stopped being stubborn and let her win all our arguments just so we wouldn't fight. A couple years passed by me being passive and she never really liked it either. She is very to herself. Hates talking about how she feels and will only spill anything by mistake or if i bother her enough for it.We spent so many years together and had so many great times together. We went on vacation together alone several times and i even got close with her parents and siblings.So just last week after a dinner out together just a couple days b4 my birthday she tells me she has lost some interest in me. Basically everything i just mentioned that i was forcing myself into someone else just to please her and she says i should be myself. I was being myself, it was just that i had more patience for everything than her so i dealt with things differently. So she said that she would try things out for a week to see if they can go back to normal. We spent my bday together but i just couldnt get over the fact that she might leave me soon. A couple days after my bday after a awkward phone call she txts me saying we shouldnt be together anymore because she doesnt feel the same way as before. She says she is confused as to what she wants. Being single and hanging out with friends or having a commitment. I really really love her and always thought about being with her for the rest of my life. I loved that she was different and we were nothing alike. I grew to love her for who she was. Its been one day since and i feel horrible, a wreck. Im mad but im more sad and upset by all this because i never expected it. Im just torn...


Sounds to me as if you let her walk all over you and she lost respect for you. There has to be a mutual respect here in addition to love. You were young when you got together in Hschool and now you have grown apart. This is something that happens all the time while going through your maturing years. It doesn't make you feel any better to hear this from somebody, but it is the truth. I sympathize with you being so torn. Breakups always hurt a lot. Try throwing yourself into a hobby, sport, or somekind of other project to take you mind off the hurt. Volunteer at a nonprofit organization, maybe. I wish you peace and harmony in your life. You CAN pull through this. Good Luck. ;)