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Does My Bestfriend Like Me?

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Hi.Here's the thing.. I have a guy friend, we're like bestfriends he can tell me anything help me out with stuff and we kinda live together because we're in high school and go to school far away from home and it kinda turned out that he has a room right by me there in the place where we live... And hes from the same city. We got along very quickly and he takes care of me as if he were my older brother.. but we were on a field trip to a big city for 2 days... and I was in my room ( for 12 girls) and somebody had alcohol and we started our own little party and he came with his buddies from his room. So i got wasted first.. and he was taking care of me, he would take me to the bathroom and lay me on the bed cover me up.. and then i was feeling better and he got wasted and i took care of him he was laying on the bad i was holding a col water bottle on his forehead and he was rubbing my arm and we were sort of laying together all cuddled up and he started to delicatley touch my legs and arms and my butt... and before he was saying that im like his little sister and stuff so i asked.. " So I'm ur little sis huh?" and he said" yeah sort of i guess!" so i replied " so, do bros touch their sisters butt like that?" and he said" oh sorry does that bother you? " and he started rubbing my arm and said " well maybe more than just a lil sis..." he would also fix my shirt and zip up my hoodie, because he didnt want any guy to come up to me and stuff thats what he said.. and the next day we werent feeling so good so we were together and i started asking about what happened the other night and what did it mean and he just said that he doesnt have anything to say he doesnt know what to tell me and how to tell me. and we just left that but sometimes he still does rubb my arm or something and he teases me a lot ... not long ago we had lunch in the cafeteria in a different school and my friend started going there with us and she told me that she noticed how he looks at me and peeks every 5 sec. i didnt notice but she said that he does... I never told anybody that i like him because im not sure yet sometimes i wish we would go back to that party and be all cuddled up ... i have dreams about him that we're holding hands ... at that " party" every girl that saw us cuddling together or standing together with his arm around me and my arm around his waist said that we look so cute together.. I really need an answer to this because he acts all cool and jokes around he teases me a lot and stuff.. but i really dont know if he does it because he actually likes me or just because im a little sister to him. Please help me. :)


This guy IS interested in you. He just doesn't know how to handle his feelings. Being protective of you is normal when you care about somebody. Sounds like he is really trying to control himself around you because of his strong physical attraction. Best friends can become lovers, but take it slow and let it grow. Good Luck. :rolleyes::)