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Is My Girlfriend Lying About How She Feels?

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So i met this girl a couple of months back and we've been dating for almost a month now, she loves me and i love her, but recently she's seems like she's been trying to avoid me even though she tells me she wants to see me and everything. I found out yesterday that she sent a text message to my own best friend saying that after he kissed her on the cheek she wanted to kiss him back and see him more. But then again she can't tell me the truth about anything that happened. Her sister told me the truth and she told me her sister said to not say anything due to the fact i might get hurt, which i already am. Even though she doesn't tell me anything that has happened over the past few days, she still shows and tells me she wants to be with me, marry me in the future and she still loves me! I don't know if i should trust on what she is saying or not. I get the feeling that maybe she is playing me just get with my best friend or so. I dont know whether to believe she's lying about the relationship with me or is playing me..


I found out yesterday that she sent a text message to my own best friend

Just exactly how did you find this out? Are you sure it's even true? And even if it is true, do you know what the message said? It may of been nothing at all, or maybe she was asking where you were since this was your best friend after all.

Who do you trust most, your girlfriend or her sister? It almost sound like you are taking the word of the sister instead of the woman you claim to love and want to marry. This is certainly not a good foudation to build a lifeime relationship on. Did it occur to you that the sister may be jealous?

If you are the jealous type, you need to get this bad behaviour under control right now. There is nothing that will suffocate a relationship faster than jelousy. How can someone love you when you don't trust them? If you question every thing they do? And often, when you accuse someone of doing something that makes you jealous, after awhile, that person wonders if maybe the reason you are so jealous is because you are doing something like what you are accusing them of behind their back as a reason that you are so suspicious of them in the first place.


To me it sounds like she's not very certain about what she wants. I am pretty sure she likes you a lot but she might also like your best friend. Of course this could very easily mean that its over for you or that it means nothing. The best thing for you to do might be to confront her. Tell her you trust her before you start anything. Tell her you heard she sent that message and you dont trust it. Tell her you like her. Make sure she comes out and tells you what is happening. You should either be taking it forward with full trust or break up right now. Carrying on without trust and getting hurt is the worst thing to do, trust me !


wow, your issue is very sad and yet soo obvious. I hate to be the one to break it to you because it seems you really like and are smitten with this girl but sometimes in life we go for the very things that we can never ever get and hold on to relationships that have long past their shelve life. You story is just as crystal clear as can be. This girl is playing you but not the way you are thinking. There is a big difference between someone who cheats on you and someone who banks you just because they can not face the reality of dumping you. Yes i know in the common eye cheating is cheating but for your sake we want to make this a little less just plain cheating.You say she seemingly doesnt wanna hang out and makes excuses yet when you ask her if shes still interested she says yes and tells you she wants to marry you have a future and all that with you. You need to do a reality check bro. Words come easy but dont mean much, never has this been more real than in this very situation. Its obvious this girl cares about your feelings otherwise she would have blanked you by now or been ruthless and dumped you but she doesnt want to see you crying and begging for another chance. You my friend are one of those guys who makes an amazing first impression, and she liked what she thought you would be in a relationship, you seemed the perfect guy cause you probably are the perfect guy. You open doors and buy flowers and all that romantic stuff. You probably care and listen when she talks about her day and all that romantic stuff. She saw Mr perfect in you and craved that but once you two go together she realised as lovers you are not really compatible, maybe you are too girly she wants someone thats gonna be a cowboy and stress her a little or say no to her and demand things like no im not gonna go to the movies next week. Whats so important that you can not cancel to hang out with me. See thats the problem with love, sometimes the advertising department of our personalities turns out not quite the product the customer wants. I am not saying this is what happened in your case but this is highly one of the main things that has led to you current situation. To put it blunty, she no longer has vested interest in having a relationship with you. As far as she is concerned that ship has sailed, you two are no longer in love maybe you still are but she is already moving on with her love life just that she cares about your feelings she traies to no hurt you in the obvious immediate realm. Notice she is snogging your best frined and telling the sister not to say because she doesnt want you to find out and feel hurt and betrayed by the two people who should currently have your back. Id say cut your losses and move on bro. Yes you may love her but holding on is recipe for pain and anger and resentment of how things have turned out. Right now I can imagine how you felt hearing thats what happened and then everytime she denies it you see and hear a liar worse your best friend betraying your trust that must take its tol on your emotionally. I say bite the bullet and just tell her you know she doesnt really mean the things shes saying because you know she kissed your friend and is trying to hide. Tell her you are hurt and exactly how you feel about the whole thing and how its made you go through a really bad period if you need to, Then tell her you are setting her free because obviously its not working out. The longer you wait the more damaging this whole fiasco will be. You want to nip iot in the bud in these early stages before you start finding out you buddy has hadd passionate explosive sex with him for the last month while she had you waiting outside the movie house for her to come for a date she never turned up to. THe reality of the matter is there is no relationship anymore. She is only dragging this out in hopes you will grow apart because you never spend any time toogether or cultivate your realtionship. This is a trick boys have used on girls for years and years only difference is boys do it because they may just one dae day want to go back for a quickie. Good luck with your situation and hope you get some form of resolution soon ans this is not a healthy situation for you.


How did you find this text message out? Can you trust the friend who told you about the text message?Those are the questions you need to ask or knwo. Also if she isn't truthful to you she shouldn't be with you trust a a major thing in relationships.