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Does My Friend Like Me More Than A Friend/...

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want something to happen? If I get like 5 replies of encouragement I WILL ask her out..btw am new her so hi :)


anyway this girl im friends with i really like her and im just wondering do you think she feels the same?

Here are some signs:


1: we were at a party a couple of months back and we ended up down the beach after. we were all just sitting there and she rested her head against my shoulder. my friend says that this night you could see from a mile away she wanted to kiss me but was waiting for me to make the move, but that is only his opinion.


2.at her party i was talking to her godfather and she came up to me after saying how he thought i was a good guy and had his approval- ha would seem like an obvious giveaway but i dunno.


3.sometimes but not enough for it to be obvious her best friend who im also really good friends with has been like 'j wants to sit beside her boyfriend' or introducing me at the party to girl i likes relatives at her party as her bf. this hasn't come up enough for it to be a big clue that she does but just thinking of a few incidents.


4.we were sitting watching a movie in her house the other night and she start kinda pushing her feet against my leg subtly. before u think oh friendzone we are good friends but shes shy around me like i am her. she might consider me as that cause i am kinda nice but shes not the type to do somethin like that like i said shes really shy.


basically know the girl my whole life start but hanging out in last year, very close friends but we still a little shy around each other like we talk more on Facebook or when we walkin home after hangin out(we always walk 2gether home Because we live close) than when we are in our group of friends.


so yeah what you think?


Oh good golly, what are you waiting for, a written invatation????

Go for it and do it quick before she decides you are just dense or gay. :rolleyes:

And welcome to Xisto!


All I can say is ask her out because she gets tired waiting for you.


I think she might like you more than just a friend. If you are really interested, make your move. But make your move soon.


if by now you havent asked her to be your girlfriend then my frined you are USELESS there is no winning with you. Everyone has been telling you to tell her how you feel and if you havent done that by now you never will and she will start feeling like a fool hinting things to a guy who doest see what this girl is hinting.I would say next time anythig the least bit suggestive happens be it a touch on the shoulder or a cuddle. If at anypoint you think she is hinting something more than just touch then stear things toward a first kiss. Ylu had the perfect scenario at the beach and I know had i been in your shoes reaching 3rd base would have been the minimum that would have transpired.


Dude! Of course she likes you! This makes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 replies! ASK HER OUT!


I believe she does like you! good luck! ;)