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Are Men Selfish In Love?kindly Advice Me

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hai,,iam new to ths post,.i hav a very big problemi love ths guy since 10 years n initial my parents were against it.,later they said okey,.but my guy doesnt believ in marrage ,tradition,god,culture,.my parents r gettig old,n want me to get married.,he turned his face off,.he wants things to be done in his way,. simple reception n livin relation,.i dint tell my parents yet abot ths,.since two years hes not takig to me hes keepig himself busy at work.,his paarents r also convincing him,.but hes not compromosig iam not able to concentrate on anything.,wat to do? pl advice me


Selfish is not the word that comes to my mind when I read your description of this guy. I'm thinking more like pig headed jerk would be a better description. It sounds like he doesn't care one bit about what you want from life. It's his way or no way, and trust me, that is no way to have a good and long lasting relationship with another human being. Marriage is hard enough even when both parties deeply care about each others feelings and try to make each other happy by compromising on many things that come up during the relationship. To tie yourself to one that is so self centered and unconcerned about your feelings is NOT a smart thing to do. I have to ask, just what redeeming qualities do you see in this goof to be so crazy for him?I really think you could do better.