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A Further Question About Favicons How do you add text after the icon

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A while ago I learned how to put a favicon in my address bar, thanks to the well-appreciated expertise of people on this forum, and now I would like to take things a step further (if that is possible).I have noticed recently that some sites, apart from their favicon, now seem to have a small banner after their icon, containing the name of their website.(I only hope the thing to do is NOT to create that banner yourself with your favicon, or I'll be stuck).Just to illustrate what I mean, I have attached a picture, taken from a Google site, where you see the logo, followed by "google.com" on a blue background.It is upon having a further look at the picture i now see that the icon seems to be embedded in the blue field with the site name.So, my obviuos question is, does anybody know how to create that effect?I would be very grateful for any help given.post-46682-022404500 1307125080_thumb.jpg


That "banner" is simply their favicon.ico, and they're using a thawte security to verify their ownership, and it's basically saying "these guys are really google". To get that, all you have to do is order it with your server provider. For instance, with Xisto / Xisto - Web Hosting, they offer it when you're ordering your package. I think it's around $10 setup, and $40 a year.


OK, Xamire.Thank you for that, I hadn't thought about that.It makes sense, though, looks like an extra security feature.I will look into that a bit further now.Thanks again for the explanation.