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"the Bindass" My Website A project very dear to me

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Hello Xisto readership.

It is my dream project, since from the time. I got interested in internet. ;)

I decided to make a website. http://www.thebindass.org/groups/ Though I am a student of electronics. But i also love web application to code. :rolleyes:

I was irritated with the other websites. who do not users of different countries meet to each other. I meet many people in my life, from different countries, which were unknown to me. I never expected that they will come to my life. But they are in and are very important to me. From that I found out that. There are people exists in world, those can be very dear to us. But due to bounding made by webmasters, we never meet them. :lol:

A social network is a place where we go to find new people, make new friends, not to be stick with our old friends only, which we know very well. But when we try to send friend request to them, we are not allowed to do so. :o

So I decided to make a place with no limits or regions, people and boundaries. A free world. I made tag line as "World is small, let's get connected together". This reminds me of my friends in USA, Brasil UK and Australia, who are close to my heart. ;)

Also silly rules books, which a user really never reads, and got banned, because of them. We go there for spending some time, not to read those massive rules books. :blink:B)B)

I started my website as a forum, It was very impressive for me to get many users in early weeks. :D But because of some personal reasons. I lose my successful forum. :(:D
But the success of forum, filled a desire in me to start again this website. :blush:

This website is a piece of work which shows, how much i can be dedicated to a thing. And how much it is dear to me. Though many setbacks, and many problems. i finally finished it. :P

I see, people going for different things to different websites, So I tried to provide them all this at a same place. I added, micro blogging, personal blogs, Events, Pages, Image galleries, Video galleries, Groups to be available to user at the same place.

I also designed the homepage of my website, my logo and my Tag line. It may needs more customization, You people can suggest me.
I also added, what bindass actually means on my homepage.

I'm very curious, what do you think about my website.
Also, I'm curious if you like the design. I spend hours understanding the things ans really the final

- Adoi :) Owner http://www.thebindass.org/groups/