Honesty Rocks! truth rules.

So What's Going On Here?

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electriic ink

Xisto survives because of the members.. The Traffic and the popularity. The only thing that holds this community is its popularity. The reason for this success inspite of so many difficulties was simply that We did not make this site for profits at the first place. I am satisfied with whatever small amount I make to keep the server up. eg. 4discuss.com, one of the biggest competitor closed off his site, removed all the user accounts after he lost google ads. And gave an excuse saying that the server has been hacked! That guy did it, because his intension was profit. While I, even though I wanted to do it ( because I had lost my main source of income) , I simply could'nt.

HONESTY ROCKS! truth rules.

What's going on here? Why has the admin given up caring for the community? Are you just relying on guest income to subsidise other ventures? What's everyone up to now?


In the spirit of Xisto's motto, would you please answer these questions? For what it's worth, I'm currently at uni and am an active member of another forum.


Thank you.